Our Services

See below the list of services offered by Hydroline Pool and information related to them.


Hydroline Pool offers a complete swimming pool cleaning service which includes maintaining a proper chemical balance. This maintenance is essential to prevent problems such as algae and organic stains.


Chemical balancing is important because, due to heat, chemicals contained in swimming pools can evaporate and cause a chemical imbalance. This contributes to algae multiplication.


Hydroline also provides chemical balancing for individual pools.

Leak Detection

It can be quite difficult to tell if your pool has a leak problem, this is a job that requires the eyes of experienced professionals.


The company's professionals use their proper equipment to dive into the pool and examine all water inlets and outlets. A dye is used to identify the paths taken by the liquid and find possible leaks and ruptures.



We offer a resurfacing service, which serves to rebuild and correct the solid surface of the pool. This is the best choice for solving problems such as cracks and hollow spots in the material.


This work starts with searching for imperfections, and then applying Bond Kote to correct and seal the area. Afterwards, plaster is applied, which serves to further improve the durability of the surface material.


Full Renovation

Hydroline Pools also offers all forms of pool reforms such as changing the tile, plaster, waterfall, sun shelf, overall design and any other repairs you may need. We can also build you a pool from scratch with amenities such as a spa or deck.


Equipment Installation

Installation and maintenance of water pumps, filters, heater, electronic panel, light bulbs and complete automation system (controlled via WI-FI).